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Cryptocurrency News India : Is Cryptocurrency Legal In INDIA ? SUPREME COURT ON CRYPTO IN INDIA

  WHY CRYPTOCURRENCY IS SO POPULAR? Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency is a topic that has sparked our curiosity. In this podcast, I'll talk about several features of Bitcoin. Indeed, today many people want to invest in cryptocurrency Bitcoin and with the rise of home-based stock trading via different mobile apps, many will be unable to resist the seduction of various cryptocurrencies. We heard many elite communities in India have already invested in Bitcoin in order to expand their investment. RISK IN CRYPTO – RISK IN BITCOIN - CRYPTO SCAM COINS - CRYPTO NEWS TODAY - CRYPTO NEWS IN INDIA To buy bitcoin in India, you can use a variety of mobile applications available online. We just learned that one guy in one part of West Bengal was cheated up to Rs. 60,000 while using those programmes to purchase Bitcoin. In this scenario, because there is no legal recourse, I recommend that you proceed by viewing, learning, and knowing before investing in Bitcoin or any other currencies. Recently we hear

Twitter loses legal shield or Safe Harbour in India

  For the last few weeks, we have seen Twitter versus India battle specially twitter versus Government of India rift and after repeated notices by Government of India to comply rules made under IT Rule 2021 or Social Media Rules 2021, Twitter being a social media giant does not care for that as per Government of India and hence the government announced that thus Twitter loses legal shield in India and thereby Twitter loses safe harbour in India as per section 79 of Information Technology Act. Twitter has to comply the IT Act, 2000 and IT Rules 2021 as well as has to appoint a Grievance Officer to deal with complaints as well as who shall acknowledge the complaint within twenty-four hours for the purpose of maintaining due diligence . IT Rule 2021 also specifies that these social media giants have to provide information under its control or possession within 72 hours to the law enforcement agencies on requirement. Rule 2(w) of this Rule signifies the social media intermediary is such